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Gimnastikos sienelė sportkid carousel R33

Skelbimo numeris: 6548797

Gimnastikos sienelė sportkid carousel R33

379.82 €


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  • Buvimo vieta Kaunas, Kaunas
  • Pridėta 20.07.2017 13:07

Swedish wall pressure-fitted Sportkid Carousel R33 (between floor and ceiling) - a sports area at apartments, that you can equipped on your own taste. The rack can be placed at a convenient angle, and rack installed at any height, has a binding for attachments, such as a swing. In complex: gymnastic ladder, fixed horizontal bar, trapeze, rings, rope, rope ladder. Height from 2350 up to 2730 mm. Allowable weight: 100 кг. Weight with package: 36 kg.

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