Metalo tekinimo staklės Holzmann ED 1500 INDDIG-80

Metalo tekinimo staklės Holzmann ED 1500 INDDIG-80

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Vilnius, Vilnius


distance between centers  1500mm
center height  230mm
spindle speeds  (12) 25-2000 rpm
sizes  2720x1040x1370mm
motor power S1 (100%) / S6  5,5kW/7,7kW
voltage  400V
net weight  2020kg
gross weight ca.  2330kg
packaging dimensions  1730x2800x1120mm
max. swing (Ш) over bed  460mm
max. swing (Ш) over cross slide  274mm
max. swing in gap  690mm
spindle bore  80mm
spindle taper  MT6
tailstock taper  MK4/MT4
spindle nose mount  D1–6, DIN 55029
range of longitudinal feeds (42 steps)  0,031 – 1,7 mm/r
range of cross feeds (42 steps)  0,014 – 0,784 mm/r
Gewinde – Metrisch (41 Stufen)  0,1 – 14 mm/r
Gewinde – Zoll (60 Stufen)  2 – 112 Gg/1
cross slide travel  290mm
compound slide travel  120mm
stroke of tailstocks  120mm
sizes  2170x1040x1370mm/2720x1040x1370mm
center height (2. Position) 230mm
optional accessories:
turning tool 7pcs/16mm  7TLG16HQ
keyless chuck 1-16mm  SSBF16
Cooling and lubrication liquide 5L  KSM5L
ball bearing live center  KGRMK4HQ
Arbor MT4/B16  DMK416


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