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Skersinio pjovimo Zipper ZI-SFTKS150

Skelbimo numeris: 7819749

Skersinio pjovimo Zipper ZI-SFTKS150

250.93 €

  • Buvimo vieta Vilnius, Vilnius
  • Pridėta 26.07.2018 19:38

motor data
motor power s1 in W 1100
speed in min-1 4500
voltage 230V 50Hz
table size in mm 405x282(352)
cutting performance
max. cutting height 90° in mm 30
max. cutting height 45° in mm 15
circular saws
bore in mm 20
verious machins
tooth amount 60
tooth thickness in mm 1,6
diameter in mm 140
gross weight in kg 14,50
net weight in kg 12,50
packaging width in mm 430
packaging length in mm 470
packaging height in mm 360

dust-free thanks to integrated extraction
powerful vacuum cleaner
140 mm carbide blade included
ideal for cutting parquet floors
and floor laying work in general
very light, only 11 kg


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