Vandens-purvo siurblys Zipper ZI-DWP1100N

Vandens-purvo siurblys Zipper ZI-DWP1100N

86.79 €

  • Pridėta 17.01.2022 23:05
Vilnius, Vilnius

motor data
motor power s1 in W 11000
voltage 230V 50Hz
max. water temperature in °C 35
max. pump capacity in m³/h 14
max. pump height in m 9
max. pump depth in m 7
pipe diameter in mm 25-38
max. grain in mm 35
gross weight in kg 6,2
net weight in kg 5,7
packaging width in mm 160
packaging length in mm 220
packaging height in mm 370

- stainless steel dirty water pump with 15 m³/h
- power consumption of 1100 W
- including float switch
- solid and reliable design
- different ports at the pressure side
- high quality stainless steel housing
- with carrying handle and 10 m cable
- simple and flexible handling due to low weight


Skelbimo numeris: 7820282

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