Дровокол Zipper ZI-WP400N

Дровокол Zipper ZI-WP400N

256.59 €

  • Добавлено 17.01.2022 22:45
Vilnius, Vilnius

motor data
motor power s1 in W 1500
motor power s6 in W 2200
protection class IP 54
speed in min-1 2860
voltage 230V / 3 / 50Hz
cutting performance
log cutting performance in mm 125
max. cutting height 90° in mm 125
circular saws
bore in mm 30
verious machins
tooth amount 40
diameter in mm 400
gross weight in kg 41
net weight in kg 38
packaging width in mm 845
packaging length in mm 996
packaging height in mm 300

compact and powerful log saw for firewood
400 mm T.C.T. saw blade
seesaw with 75 cm extension
barb on the seesaw
work piece stop 80 cm


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