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Фрезерный станок Holzmann BF 20 V (230V)

Фрезерный станок Holzmann BF 20 V (230V)

1 574.57 €

  • Добавлено 19.10.2021 14:55
Vilnius, Vilnius


motor data
motor power s1 in W 700
motor power s6 in W 1000
voltage 230V
outreach in mm 200
table size in mm 500x180
payload in kg 55
milling and drilling
head swivel +/- 90°
T-slots in mm 12
max. end mill diameter in mm 20
max. face mill diameter in mm 63
max. drilling performance in mm Ø16x50
milling spindle speed in min-1 50-2250
drilling spindle collet MK2/MT2
travel Z-axis in mm 380
travel Y-axis in mm 175
travel X-axis in mm 280
max. distance spindle-table in mm 380
gross weight in kg 125
net weight in kg 105
packaging length in mm 610
packaging width in mm 560
packaging height in mm 880

- variable speed control with DRO
- DRO for drill depth indication as standard
- CW and CCW run
- dovetail guidance of cross table and gear head adjustment
- rotateable gear head enlarges use of application
- separate hand wheel for fine feed
- three spoke hand lever for drilling operation
- high quality cross table with scale and end stops
- ideal machine for schools, precision mechanic and DIY userst


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