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Фрезерный станок Holzmann ZX 7045 (400V)

Фрезерный станок Holzmann ZX 7045 (400V)

2 049.74 €

  • Добавлено 19.10.2021 14:55
Vilnius, Vilnius


motor data
motor power s1 in W 1100
motor power s6 in W 1500
voltage 400V
outreach in mm 260
table size in mm 210x730
milling and drilling
max. drilling performance in mm Ø45x120
milling spindle speed in min-1 95-1600
drilling spindle collet MK4 / MT4
travel Y-axis in mm 170
travel X-axis in mm 450
max. distance spindle-table in mm 475
gross weight in kg 318
net weight in kg 278
packaging length in mm 970
packaging width in mm 770
packaging height in mm 1.160

- Mill head with 360° tilt range for angular boring, milling of bevels
- dovetail guiding of mill head and crosstable, adjustable via gibs
- the cross table is equipped with 14mm t-nut guides to fix devices like a vice
- quill downfeed via three spoke handwheel and milling fine feed via precision wheel with depth scale indication
- height adjustable spindle protection with microswitch for your safety
- with tapping function
- optional stand includes tool tray
- stand optional


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