Компрессор Zipper ZI-COM200-10

Компрессор Zipper ZI-COM200-10

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  • Добавлено 17.01.2022 21:25
Vilnius, Vilnius

motor data
motor power s1 in W 2200
voltage 230V 50Hz
speed in min-1 2850
protection class II
max. pressure in bar 10
air power in l/min 356
tank filling duration in s 250
tank capacity in l 200
volume level and vibration
sound power level in dB(A) 95,5
sound pressure level in dB(A) 79,5
gross weight in kg 140
net weight in kg 126
packaging width in mm 570
packaging length in mm 1390
packaging height in mm 920

This belt-operated compressor is particularly suitable for professional use in paint shops and for operating various pneumatic tools.
With the high volume of 200 liters, it is ideally suited for most applications.
The ZI-COM200-10 runs single-phase with 230V and thus fits into every workshop.
2 Manometer for boiler and working pressure
2 quick connectors


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