Триммер Zipper ZI-BHS600AK

Триммер Zipper ZI-BHS600AK

128.30 €

  • Добавлено 18.12.2021 23:00
Vilnius, Vilnius

motor data
motor power s1 in W 750
engine type 2-Takt-Motor
fuel capacity in l 0.4
fuel type Gemisch 40:1
speed in min-1 2700
garden tools
shear length in mm 750
cutting lenght in mm 600
cutting strenght in mm 30
volume level and vibration
sound power level in dB(A) 108
sound pressure level in dB(A) 98.9
gross weight in kg 6.80
net weight in kg 5.50
packaging width in mm 230
packaging length in mm 1.070
packaging height in mm 230

- suitable for trimming all common hedges
- easy handling due to light weight
- air cooled 1-cylinder-2-stroke engine
- anti vibration system
- two hand safety switch
- hand protection with protective sheath


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