WW2 TRITON черный циферблат 17j 1943

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Klaipėda, Klaipėda

RARE - VERY RARE from World War II

TRITON Black Dial 17 jewels with In House works in, men's watch from 1943 WW2

Clockwork mechanical, manual winding ETA InHouse **** Read note below


Serial No. 2005

Made in 1943
Waterproof * read note below

Case white metal
Between legs about 17.5 mm


Works at check-in time (timekeeping not tested)
Diam ca 23 x 40 mm exl crown
Thickness about 8 mm

Very nice condition, acc. me. Use Wear
Net weight approx. 30 g. (Without packaging)
Cargo weight 100 g.


* About Waterproof el. similar words: there are no guarantees that it is, eg gaskets can have dry cracks


The watch has remained untouched for decades, it is recommended that it be handed in for service

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