Zipper ZI-KGS216-310

Zipper ZI-KGS216-310

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Vilnius, Vilnius


motor data
motor power s1 in W 1800
speed in min-1 5000
voltage 230V 50Hz
cutting performance
max. cutting length 45° in mm 215
max. cutting length 90° in mm 310
max. cutting height 90° in mm 65
max. cutting height 45° in mm 36
circular saws
bore in mm 30
verious machins
tooth amount 24
tooth thickness in mm 2,8
diameter in mm 216
gross weight in kg 14,70
net weight in kg 11,90
packaging width in mm 460
packaging length in mm 640
packaging height in mm 380


patented dual-sliding function ensures more stability and less required space
laser cutting guide without batteries
LED lighting
carbide saw blade Ø 216 mm
chip collecting bag and transportation lock
2 extendable workpiece supports
comfort handle for comfortable work
optional: Multicut saw blade


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