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Betono maišyklė Zipper ZI-BG100Y

Skelbimo numeris: 7820334

Betono maišyklė Zipper ZI-BG100Y

975.42 €

  • Buvimo vieta Vilnius, Vilnius
  • Pridėta 26.07.2018 22:43


motor data
motor power s1 in W 4100
engine type 1-Zylinder 4-Takt OHV Motor
fuel capacity in l 3,6
fuel type ROZ95
speed in min-1 4000
construction machine concrete
blade length in mm 350
blade amount 4
rotor diameter in mm 920
blade angle 0-15°
blade width in mm 150
volume level and vibration
sound power level in dB(A) 101
gross weight in kg 95
net weight in kg 75
packaging width in mm 1050
packaging length in mm 1050
packaging height in mm 760


ideal for polishing large surfaces
precise polishing straight to the wall
fFoldable handle – compact size for easy
transportation and storage
equipped with all-side protected V-belt
optional with sanding plate