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Gimnastikos sienelė sportkid wallbarz family

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Gimnastikos sienelė sportkid wallbarz family

329.36 €

  • Pridėta 17.01.2021 17:30
Kaunas, Kaunas

Metal indoor Swedish wall for kids Sportkid Wallbarz Family will present joy and wonderful mood to all the family. The construction of this gymnastic complex with the bar will suit to any interior. And a beautiful design and color combination also decorate it.  The variety of additional equipment expands playing and sports potential. Kids indoor Swedish wall Wallbarz Family – irreplaceable variant for those, who appreciate kids health and physique.  And joint workout kids with parents will help to grow strong and hardy persons, which support the healthy lifestyle. Due to its safe construction and variety of additional equipment, Swedish wall Sportkid Wallbarz Family is ideal for gaming activities of children and for the fitness training of parents.

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