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Malkų skaldiklis Zipper ZI-HS8

Malkų skaldiklis Zipper ZI-HS8

628.27 €

  • Pridėta 19.10.2021 22:20
Vilnius, Vilnius

motor data
motor power s1 in W 3500
voltage 400V 50Hz
log splitters
splitting blade stroke in mm 480
splitting force in t 8
log splitting capacity 520-780-1040
splitting diameter in mm 120-320
hydraulic lift in MPa 20
hydraulic oil capacity in l 6
reverse speed in cm/s 11,7
forward speed in cm/s 5,4
gross weight in kg 127
net weight in kg 121
packaging width in mm 435
packaging length in mm 585
packaging height in mm 1155

vertical model for splitting short and metre logs
stable and torsion-resistant steel construction
fast and convenient handling because of stepless
two-hands safety switching mechanism
with hand protection
log table; 3 variable positions
incl. cross knife and splitting wedge extension
convenient transportation due to moving device


Skelbimo numeris: 7820007