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Omega Seamaster 600

Skelbimo numeris: 9690391

Omega Seamaster 600

600 €

Pasiūlyti kainą

  • Buvimo vieta Klaipėda, Klaipėda
  • Pridėta 06.03.2020 21:46

This 1965 Omega Seamaster 600 has not been used for many years and has unknown service history.
The clock stays within +/- 15 sec / day in deviation.
The case is steel and measures 32.5mm in width, signed Omega on the inside and outside of the case lid.
The bezel takes a band of 18mm.
The reference number of the fine is ref 136.012.
The fine is generally in good condition, some small scratches and marks after use.
The crown is signed Omega.
The work is manual and signed Omega, caliber 611 and with serial number of 224xxxxx.
The work looks clean and nice.
The clock changes the date as it should.
It comes with an unused brown unstopped leather band.
The board is evenly patinated - see pictures for your own assessment.
The glass is signed Omega and has small, superficial scratches.


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