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Vejapjovė Zipper ZI-DRM51

Vejapjovė Zipper ZI-DRM51

430.16 €

  • Pridėta 19.10.2021 22:35
Vilnius, Vilnius


motor data
motor power s1 in W 2700
engine type 1-Zylinder 4-Takt OHV Motor
fuel type ROZ95
speed in min-1 2850
garden tools
rear wheel diameter in mm 180
grass box in l 75
front wheel diameter in mm 280
cutting width / cutting height in mm 510 / 20-75
volume level and vibration
sound power level in dB(A) 98
sound pressure level in dB(A) 96
gross weight in kg 37.40
net weight in kg 34.40
packaging width in mm 560
packaging length in mm 770
packaging height in mm 437

- fixation of the front wheel possible
- incl. water connection for self-cleaning
- suction to collect leaves
- 4 in 1 system - mulch mowing, catching, side discharge
- powerful 4 stroke engine
- 90% collection rate of the grass basket thanks due to improved air duct
- cup holder and storage at the handlebar
- lawns up to 1600 m²
- chassis with large wheels for a particularly user-friendly utilization under trees and bushes


Skelbimo numeris: 7820017