Mido Multifort

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Klaipėda, Klaipėda

Brand: Mido Multifort Grand Luxe Super-Automatic - Swiss made

Production period: 40s

Clockwork: Mechanical automatic clockwork caliber 3X in 17 jewels - One of the first clockworks with a hammer machine. No battery needed, the clock is pulled up with the movements of the arm.

Dial: Champagne colored dial with a little patina. See photos for your own assessment of the condition of the dial. 

Function: Works well and keeps time well with good walking reserve.

Condition: Good working condition with small scratches, patina and traces after use. See pictures for your own assessment of the condition of the watch.

Case: Screw case in gold double with steel back piece - measures 28.5 mm excl. Crown. Case number: 8829 (engraved between the band horns).

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