Vacheron Женева

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Klaipėda, Klaipėda

Vacheron Geneve

Beautiful Vacheron open face pocket watch in unusual casing.

The exceptional casing consists of tula silver.

Tula silver - a silver alloy used in the Middle Ages for embellishing works of art. Alloy of silver, copper, lead and sulphur. Silver

The dial is white enamel and very well maintained. Very beautiful Roman numerals in black, dotted minute scale with Arabic multiples of 5. Fine intricate original steel hands - blue. Small sunken seconds at 6 o'clock. Tula silver bezel.

Depiction of St. George the Dragon Slayer on the back S.CEOR CIUS EQVITUMPA TRONUS (Latin). Interesting artistic depiction. Some flaws and repairs.

Silver inner lid (marked) - outside no. 16901 ANCRE LIGNE DROITE SPIRAL BREGUET 15 RUBIS Vacheron Geneve REMONTOIR.

Silver-coloured bridge movement with decorative engraved pattern. Polished gears. Chatons and gold gears.

The movement works.

Embellishments on the side.

Good condition. Watch diameter 50 mm with crown 76 mm- weight 95 g.

The lids close well.

Beautiful unusual pocket watch with captivating design on the back - although this has damage and restored spots.

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